Philip Dufour  and Scott Porter founded Aquila Inspection Services with the goal to be recognized as a leading provider of inspection services for production builders in Florida.



Service is not just a word

Service is a commitment to work hard as a team to achieve our mutual goals 

Service is having efficient, operational IT systems that work! 

Service is going back to your site 2, maybe 3, times on a critical project.

Service is answering phone calls and returning messages

Service is going above and beyond to keep the project moving

Service is having Inspectors that are licensed, trained, and possess a high level of  CARE

Service equals success.


Service is not just a word to us.

How can we help you?

Plan Review

Private Provider Inspections

3rd Party Inspections 

Blower Door and Duct Blaster inspections

Special Inspections

Stucco installation inspections

Stucco Warranty that is insured by a third party Insurance company

Quality walks

Code Training

Our culture is comprised of values that represent who we are and how we operate

Consistent- In our performance, attitude, and work ethic

Accountable- To our customers and each other

Respectful- In our interactions with everyone

Ethical-  In our obligations with customers, employees and the community

The Principals

Phil Dufour President & Co-Founder

Phil has been in the construction business for more than 24 years.  He started as a carpenter apprentice and worked his way up to Operations Manager of one of the largest construction firms in the northeast.  While there, Phil obtained his ICC© Code Council inspection credentials.  Since moving to sunny Florida, Phil has worked for both public (jurisdictional) and private provider inspection firms.

Phil brings a vast array of knowledge to our customers and to his teammates at Aquila.  His love of teaching and uncanny ability to recite code and clearly explain it gives our builders a unique inspection experience.

Scott Porter VP & Co-Founder

Scott has over 35 years of diverse experience in the construction industry.  Starting as a helper on a framing crew to running his own General Contracting company to being named a Commissioner in Texas to sit on the commission that regulates the building industry, Scott's background and experience was the perfect base for his becoming a licensed inspector and now a Building Code Administrator (Building Official).

Phil and Scott felt that there was a need for a Private Provider inspection firm in Florida that could work together as a team with the builders in an open, respectful and communicative way.  They both have been on the builder's side and understand how trying and difficult the business can be.  The goal at Aquila is to provide quality, consistent code compliant inspections and to work with the Builders as a team , not as an adversary.  




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